Since many students find it difficult to come up with a topic, here is a list of possibilities. These are meant more as suggestions to get you thinking along lines other than those you’ve been taught to think along by the media and past teachers. While some may seem very shallow, they can involve a lot of research and, more importantly, analysis. Real analysis. The kind where you actually think about the subject, and not merely find three facts to support the thesis you’ve been told is true.

  1. How Joss Whedon’s dialogue in Buffy the Vampire Slayer changed the course of young-adult television.
  2. Why hot-air hand driers in washrooms are both inefficient and ecologically counterproductive.
  3. How the over-production of vocals in the music industry is elevating mediocre talent above real talent.
  4. Show the real relationship between pollution and asthma. Why are we constantly told the opposite? Who gains?
  5. Why the science in Firefly far surpassed the science in any other science fiction show.
  6. Find an example of a press release for a study in which the supposed trend is smaller than the margin of error. Show why.
  7. Find a press release or news article which contains contradictions within it. Explain.
  8. No talent, no stage presence, and instant fame: The phenomenon of Justin Bieber.
  9. The fallacy that saving paper saves trees.
  10. Examining the myth that cities are more dangerous than small towns.
  11. An analysis of three things that “everyone knows are true,” but aren’t.
  12. Pick an issue and show how the media and special interest groups have exaggerated it.
  13. Show how the nuclear situation in Japan has been misrepresented by the media. Find the actual figures on radiation levels and compare to the radiation level of bananas.

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