From George Brown: Learning Commons massive database


Professor Darling’s amazing resource site on grammar, writing, research papers, and more — complete with interactive quizzes. Use it well.
Guide to Grammar and Writing

Using Quotations

From University College:
Using Quotations

From Seneca College:
How to Present Quotations in Essays

From San Jose State U.
Using Quotations in your Essay

APA Formatting

APA Sample essays & template:

From OWL atPurdue:
APA Formatting and Style Guide:

Automated APA Style

This is an awesome site. Often all you have to do is enter the URL and it does the rest for you:

An online APA style generator for print and non-print sources:
Son of Citation Machine

Online citation maker from KnightCite:
KnightCite Citation Maker

Online Math Aids

If you’re like me and can’t do simple arithmetic in your head (or on paper), here are some handy sites.

Want to know what percent 12 is of 43? Who doesn’t?! Or maybe you want to know what 37% of 89 is. You know you’re curious. Go ahead — use the Percent Calculator:
Percent Calculator

Statistics are often important, and sometimes even interesting — but they’re never fun or easy to do. Here are some online statistics calculators for the more basic functions:
Calculate Mean, Variance, Standard deviation
Permutation and Combination Calculator
Percentage / Percent Error Calculator

And here are a batch of others you’re less likely to need.
Online Calculation on STATISTICS

Putting Radiation into Perspective:
Chart showing the comparative doses of radiation


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