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(1) Read “One in six teens inflict self-harm.” (You can download the Word doc by clicking on the link.)

(2) Understand it. (This is an important step.)

(3) Summarise the article. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • Neutral. You summarise the article without including any kind of critique by simply explaining what it’s about.
  • Critique: This can be either pro or con. A critique merely means that you are looking at something critically. The criticism can be negative, such as pointing out that Justin Bieber’s music is so overproduced that they could be using John Goodman’s voice and we’d never know it. Or the criticism can be positive, such as pointing out that the combination of clever writing, close attention to science, and excellent acting made Firefly the best science fiction series to ever appear on TV.

The choice is yours.

(4) Create an APA style reference for the article. The necessary information is included in the document. APA guidelines can be found on the Resources page.

(5) Include your name.

NOTE: I’ve said nothing about double spacing or any other APA formatting. That’s because we’re not worrying about that yet. Right now the task is to summarise and create a proper reference. The rest we’ll get to later.

Recap: Write a summary (neutral or a critique) and at the end include a proper, APA style reference to the article. All the necessary information is included in the document. You just have to put it into the proper form. APA guidelines can be found on the Resources page.

Send it to me as an attachment by e-mail. It’s due the day of your class next week.


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