Critical Summary

Due on the day of your class during the week Oct. 10-14


  1. Find an article about a study of some kind, like the one we looked at about self harm. It can be from a newspaper or magazine, either on-line or in print.
  2. As before, write a summary, but this time write a critical summary. NOTE:
    • A critical summary can be either positive or negative or both. In other words, a critical summary looks at the value of the study in a critical fashion. If the study is well done, then the critical summary will point out the strengths. If the study is poorly done, then the critical summary will point out the weaknesses. In many cases, the study will have both strengths and weaknesses, and the critical summary will look at both these factors.
  3. The summary should be about 250 words, but it might be a bit longer. Try to keep it under 400 words.
  4. At the end, include a proper APA style reference to the article.
  5. Do all of this in Word (or an equivalent if you dont’ have Word).
  6. Make sure your name is on it.
  7. Send it to me as an attachment by e-mail.

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