1st Draft

Suggested Due Date: Within the week of Nov. 21 – 25.


Update: The rubrics for the 1st draft and final draft are now available: 1st and Final Draft Rubrics.

  • Your 1st Draft will be given two marks: 
    1. The 1st Draft Mark: This is the actual mark for your 1st Draft essay
    2. The Final Essay Mark: This is the mark I would assign if I were marking it as a Final Essay. (This mark is unofficial and is not put in the record.)
So your 1st Draft may get 85% as a 1st Draft, but only 40% as a Final. Or it may get 90% as a 1st Draft, and 90% as a Final. Or something in between.

Grading is determined by a chart that divides the different elements being graded into  standardised grading categories.

The grading categories are: Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, Unacceptable.

So, “APA style” may be an element that is worth 10% of your essay mark. If the APA is “Excellent,” then it can be assigned between 9 – 10 points. If it is “Good,” then it can be assigned a mark between 7.5 – 8.5 points. And so on.

This chart is called a “rubric,”

I’ll be using two rubrics with different weights for the elements being tested.

The rubric for the 1st Draft Essay puts a lot of weight on the technical elements, such as APA, spelling, and grammar.

The rubric for the Final Essay, however, puts a lot of weight on the analytical elements, such as “thesis,” “analysis,” and “quality of sources.”

So, an essay that has an unclear thesis, questionable logic, and unreliable sources might still get 60% if it is coherent, free of spelling mistakes, and formatted in proper APA style

The 1st Draft and the Final rubrics will be posted here — but it might take until the weekend.

APA Format, and all that.

This is to be done in full APA format — that means title page, double spacing, header, indented paragraphs, and all the rest.

You will need a minimum of five references, and for every reference there must be at least one citation. (There may be more citations than references if you cite the same reference more than once — a common occurrence.)

It should be around 1,000 words. No less than 900, and no more than 1,200.

If you are still struggling with APA format, you can download the APA Essay Template. Replace the fake text in the template with your own text.

To see what an A+ essay looks like, check out GM Foods, by Michael Hermanns.

But neither the template nor the sample essay will answer every APA question, so be sure to check out the APA resources found on the Resources page.

This assignment is only worth 10%, so you can afford to screw up. On the other hand, if your first draft is good enough, I may ask you to make a couple of minor changes for the final draft, meaning that the only thing left to worry about is the exam.


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