GREAT MOMENTS IN EDUCATION: (Jan. 12, 1835) Finding himself unable to complete his overdue essay, Henry Pennywhistle becomes the first person in history to claim that his dog ate his homework.

About this page

Read this page carefully. It has information on the textbook, the drastic results of plagiarism, how to submit assignments, and instructions on how to use this site. Everything has been made as clear and student-proof as possible.


Acting on Words: An integrated rhetoric, reader, and handbook. David Brundage, Michael Lahey. Toronto: Prentice Hall, 2009

Recommended Reading

• Eats, Shoots & Leaves, Lynn Truss. New York: Gotham Books, 2003.

Submitting Assignments

All assignments are submitted by e-mail. Make sure you have MS Word, or have access to MS Word. This has become the universal word processor (not my choice, but nobody ever asked for my input on this). Wherever you work, you can pretty well count on using Word, and any assignments for other classes will almost certainly be done on Word as well. It is available at a somewhat reduced student rate at the GBC Bookstore (or computer store, depending on the campus).

About Plagiarism

The plagiarist

Plagiarism can get you a zero mark on a particular assignment ─ at the least. It can also get you a zero for the entire course and possibly even booted out of the class. In any event, it will definitely be officially registered with the college.

Be warned: I do not treat plagiarism lightly. I will punish it to the greatest extent at my disposal.

Using this site

It’s not difficult.


In fact, your first test is to read these instructions and understand them well enough to find your way around.


There are two navigation menus: one that runs along the top of each page, and one that appears in a box on the right of each page.

  • Home: That’s this page. The one you’re on. Do you see the page in front of you? That’s “Home.” It has information about the textbook, a warning about plagiarism, and the instructions on how to use this site (which you are looking at — right now).
  • Contact: That’s the page that tells you how to contact me. I have a different e-mail address for each class, so make sure you use the right one. The basic e-mail address is — however, the “comm1007” is followed by an “a,” “b,” “c,” and so on, depending on when your class is held. If your contact e-mail is, then sending me an e-mail at is going to be wrong. We will eventually get it figured out, but your e-mail may get neglected for a while.
  • Course Outline: This gives a rundown on the course objectives and all that mumo-jumbo, plus a link to download the entire document normally handed out at the beginning of each semester.
  • Assignments: The page has a list of all your assignments, along with due dates. Each assignment can be clicked for more details. (NOTE: If you hold your cursor over the word “Assignments” in the menu that runs along the top of each page, a drop-down list of your assignments will appear. Clicking on any one of them will take you to the page for that assignment.)
  • Writing: This page offers a short explanation of what an essay is, and includes a number of suggested readings.
  • Resources: This offers a number of resources: APA style sheets, instructions on incorporating  quotations, and a number of other topics. It also has links to several on-line APA reference generators. These can be lifesavers.
  • Powerpoints: Just what it says. This is the page where you can access any of the Powerpoints I show in class.
  • Topics: This page is password protected. I encourage students to come up with their own topics. Half way through the semester, however, I’ll open it up for those who are struggling to come up with something. Be warned: they are not the topics your previous teachers have  proposed.
  • Docs: Some assignments require you to download a document. These are always available through the assignment instructions. However, the documents can also be downloaded here. But there are also other documents: reading assignments, exercises, and a sample APA essay and an APA Template for MS Word.
  • Me: This is a page all about me. A basic review of my career. It’s just here so you’ll have a bit more understanding of why I don’t teach this subject the same way many others do. (Plus, I sometimes forget to introduce myself until the third or fourth class.)


In the right-hand column there is a list of your assignments, with due dates. Clicking on an assignment will take you to the instructions for that assignment.

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